Frequently asked questions

1. What is the delivery time of my order?

CARTRASH is delivered within 1-2 workdays in the Netherlands and Belgium. For other countires in Europe delivery time can add up to 3-5 workdays. Shopping from a country outside Europe? Please contact us for more details. 

2. Where do I place CARTRASH in my car?

CARTRASH is attached to your headrest rods or the dashboard cabinet. For instruction video's please go to our YouTube channel. 

3. CARTRASH doesn't fit in my car. What to do?

Did you purchase CARTRASH but it doesn't seem to fit? Please contact us for assistance. We might just have an alternative clip available for your car type. Especially Volvo and Tesla cars are a challenge for CARTRASH at the moment. Coming spring 2018 we will launch a new clip that will fit both cartypes!

4. What is the size of CARTRASH?

CARTRASH measures at 35cm x 25 cm x 20 cm. We are working towards a mini version of CARTRASH that is more compact then the current version. Stay tuned for the release in spring 2018!

5. I did not receive my order in the promised delivery time. What should I do?

If your order isn't delivered in time please contact us. Due to a lot of traffic it could occure that PostNL suffers a bit of a delay. We are happy to check the status of your parcel!