After months of hard work we are up and running! CARTRASH.COM is live and ready to rock! Do you have a question, comment, praise, critical note or any other feedback for us; we would love to hear from you!


Welcome to our experience page! On this page we share the latest CARTRASH developments with you. You can also find helpful user tips, inspiration and a sneak peek in our company. Are you with us? #cartrash.


With the launch of a new product it is vital to have some outstanding pics. We had the pleasure to work with talented photographer Eef from Eef Photography. She went above and beyond to deliver! We hope you like the result just as much as we do.


Together with Dutch Designer Basten Leijh Design Studio we were the proud participants of the Milan Design Week! Our first presentation to the public and immediately a big hit! For a quick impression check out Insta @CARTRASHCOM.


Did you know that our COVERbag is manufactered with fabric from the Danish design house KVADRAT? They developed a fabric that consists of 100% recylced PET bottles. Together we create a trash bin made of trash :)!


CARTRASH can be attached to the dashboard or headrest of your car. For now..! We are working hard to find new, smart places to put your CARTRASH. Do you have a briliant idea for a good spot or new type of car? We would love to hear from you!